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OX Consulting will assist your company to thrive in today’s economy.

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OX Consulting is a firm whose partners have over 90 years of combined experience in investment baking, trade finance, capital markets, and infrastructure projects. OX Consulting enjoys well-established relationships with a network of investors and lenders such as funds, banks, private equity funds, insurance companies, hedge funds, and family offices.

Headquartered in Florida, OX Consulting operates in the USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean to assist corporations, infrastructure developers, and other sponsors with financing needs.

Your Trusted Partner

Our team of experienced advisers brings excellence and investment acumen to optimize opportunities for investors and clients. OX Consulting is a trusted partner, bringing expertise and experience to negotiate with potential lenders the best possible financing conditions for your business.

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Failure is not an option in the game of business today, especially for socially conscious entrepreneurs. The world needs your ideas, your passion, your creativity, and your success. We can help!


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When it comes to funding your goals, we are driven to solve any challenges with innovative strategies so your project reaches its maximum potential.

Dare to dream bigger with all your projects. Get your funding solutions with OX Consulting.