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From small projects to multi-year programs, OX Consulting strategizes financing solutions.

 Estimating capital and operating costs

 Identifying potential public and private funding sources

 Generating achievable goals

 Developing strong funding partnerships

 Preparing results-driven funding applications and proposals

 Reviewing all documents

 Accessing our worldwide investors

Corporate Loans

To grow a thriving corporation and increase sales and profit, capital and labor investments are required. Goals for this type of funding include debuting new products and acquiring new customers for an influx of new business.

Project Finance

Long-term infrastructure, industrial projects and public services funding is secured using a non-recourse or limited recourse financial structure. Once the project generates cash flow, the debt and equity leveraged is paid back.

Equity Finance

Equity investments provide developmental support and long-term growth capital that private enterprises need.

Alternative Lending

Alternative lending provides business loans that do not require a bank’s approval. Clients enjoy more flexible loan options so they can control their success.

Asset-Based Loans

Inventory, accounts receivable, equipment and property can be leveraged by the borrower to secure a loan.

Real Estate

Development in this sector almost always requires institutional funding. Not all real estate deals are immediately profitable, requiring innovative solutions for property purchase, planning, construction, and related expenses.

Impact Investment

Building stronger companies is key to revitalizing economies, inspiring innovation and generating sustainable growth.

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